Community Based Counselling

Our Community based counselling service offers our clients the choice of accessing counselling out of the school environment as well as providing counselling venues to those young people no longer in education up to 25 years.

We currently have 6 community bases scattered throughout RCT. They are:

Beddau Continuing Education Centre

Valley’s Kids, Penygraig

New Horizons, Aberdare

The Arts Factory, Ferndale

Keir Hardie Health Park, Merthyr Tydfil

YMCA, Pontypridd

Ysbyty Cwm Cynon

YMCA Mountain Ash


Eye to Eye’s Community Based Counselling Service is reliant on the generosity of our partner organisations and their staff teams.

How to refer to our Community Based Counselling:

The referral process is easy by contacting Eye to Eye’s main office by telephone, text or e-mail.

We actively encourage our clients to self-refer but we will take the initial referral from other sources e.g. parents, family members, support agencies, GP’s etc.

Some Interesting Facts:

• The pre-dominant issues amongst centre (community) based client group are family; depression; anger; stress/anxiety; bereavement

• All school aged clients when referring into our centre (community) bases are given the option of accessing school based counselling, however, 2009/10 saw 84% of these clients chose to access our centres, thus showing the need for a universal service.

• 2009/10 saw a 17% increase in the number of clients attending counselling and a 30% increase in the actual number of counselling hours delivered within our centres.

What Client’s Say about Counselling:

“Getting everything off my chest and being able to say what I want without anything bad happening”

“I had a wonderful counsellor who was willing to listen to my problems without making any judgement on me or having a bias opinion of my situation and sh was very easy to talk to”

“Feel a lot better thanks to counselling”

If you have accessed our Community Based Counselling and would like to give

us feedback to help us to improve our service, please click on the link below: