School Based Counselling

Each of the eighteen Comprehensive schools in RCT have an Eye to Eye School Counsellor, as does the additional need schools, pupil referral units and EOTAS. We are also developing a service to Primary schools, taking referrals from year six primary aged children with bereavement, family illness and separation issues

The counselling service has been well received in all of our schools and has the support and commitment of head teachers, staff and especially the link staff.

In each school, the child or young person can request an appointment through their head of year or link staff member.

Self-referral is also strongly encouraged by contacting the Eye to Eye counsellor directly, or contacting Eye to Eye’s main office by telephone, text or e-mail.

Some interesting Statistics

  • The most common issues in our school based counselling group are family; anger; bereavement; relationships; self worth.
  • The number of males accessing the service is increasing
  • The average number of sessions needed is 4.

What Clients Say about Counselling

“I could say everything that was going on instead of keeping it inside me”

“It has made it a lot easier in school”

“It helped me in so many ways and I’m proud of my progress”

“It’s great and it really helps you to stay on tracks”

“Counselling has really helped and I am so happy with the results”

“I could talk about things that I didn’t want to talk about to anyone else”

If you have accessed our Community Based Counselling and would like to give

us feedback to help us to improve our service, please click on the link below: